And for those people, Formentera does not disappoint. Having 69km of coastline means this island has many walks that are close to or indeed right beside the ocean, affording stunning views at every step. Heres a run down on a few of the best Formentera walks, for the adventurous and the not so adventurous.

Cami de sa Pujada

This trail is perhaps the most trod in Formentera, and for good reason.  It was laid down thousands of years ago by the romans, and like most things built by the romans, has stood the test of time, with the original paving stones still in place today.

Formentera walks - Cami de sa Pujada

The track runs from Es Calo, up the hill to La Mola and has some of the most spectacular views on the island, with the green pines stretching out as far as the eye can see and the endless expanse of turquoise ocean glinting like a jewel in the sun. If you only do one walk, then do this one!

You can park your car or bike at either end. But remember you have to walk back, so it is recommended to walk from the top; this means you can get a drink or ice cream in Es Calo before taking the journey back up the hill.  It takes approx 45 min one way.

Cala Saona to torre de la Gavina

Seeing torre de la Gavina from the car park at Cala Saona, it looks closer than you think. But looks can be deceiving – it can be an arduous walk, especially in the hot sun. Take water with you as there are no shops near the torre. There is a supermercado at Cala Saona.

This is a fairly flat walk and the trail is pretty obvious making for a easy walk. It runs alongside the ocean so the views are out to Ibiza are great, and for the more adventurous, keep an eye out for hidden steps down the rocks to the sea, as you’ll probably need to cool off on the way! It will take around 2 hours return.  You can also keep going from torre de la Gavina to Punta de sa Pedrera. Here there are ‘natural swimming pools’, deep parts of the ocean right next to the rocks which are perfect for snorkeling or swimming.

Illetes to s’Espalmador

If you’re feeling energetic, try walking from ses Illetes to the end of Es Trucadors. You can start from the car park at Illetes (next to the restaurant at the end on the road), and just make your way up to the end of the long stretch of sand.  It is a facinating walk, with Llevant beach on your right and ses Illetes, on your left and when the wind is blowing, one will be wavy and the other calm. The sea is the most crystal clear turquoise you have ever laid eyes on, so if you decide to stay the day at playa Illetes then it is understandable. Otherwise, if you can pull yourself away from the beach, you can see the rock sculptures near the far end of Es Trucadors which look like they have been painstakingly created from mixture of flotsam, jetsam and nearby rocks.
For the more adventurous, when you get to the end, it is possible to walk across to s’Espalmador if the sea is not too rough. And if you want to go further, walk around the coast of s’Espalmador to the torre de s’Espalmador.  It has fantastic 360 degree views of Ibiza & Formentera. Dont forget to take water and food as there are no shops at the end of Es Trucadors or s’Espalmador.

This concludes our list of the best Formentera walks. The Island is well and truly spectacular. We hope you enjoy.

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