Formentera Beaches

With some of the most crystal clear sea water in the world and brilliant white sandy shores, its not surprising people flock to the beaches of Formentera in high summer.


Arriving in Formentera on the ferry, its not hard to see why the beaches in Formentera have a magnetic pull for some. The tantalising glimpses of the white sand and turquoise water against a backdrop of green Formentera pines just keeps getting better as you glide past, and on towards the pretty port of La Savina. But this vision never fails to impress when you arrive at any Formentera beach; the saturated blue of the water can be awe-inspiring.

All Formentera beaches are blessed with a stretch of the same white sand, contrasting with the bright turquoise blue of the sea that surrounds Formentera, which creates a picture postcard view where-ever you are on the coast. The sea water is also some of the clearest in the world thanks to the Posidonia sea grass that grows in large swaths on the sea floor.  These vast under sea meadows not only help clear the water but also helped Formentera and Ibiza achieve UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999.

This combination of sand, sea & pines make for some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, and so attract many visitors every year, including yachts & boats that moor in the bays. So when you are enjoying the beaches of Formentera please remember to respect the environment, and take any rubbish including cigarette ends with you when you leave the beach if no bins are provided.

Being relatively compact in size, Formentera is very easy to get around, and consequently no beach is too far away from where you are staying.  Whether you choose to stay in a villa, a finca or a hotel, you’ll never be far from the Mediterranean’s secret to relaxation – a blissful white sandy beach.

And theres quite a few of them around Formentera, each with their own vibe, and qualities.  So which beaches are best for snorkelling, or best for swimming? And where can you find a quieter stretch of sand to chill on? This is your guide to the best Formentera beaches, click the images to find out more info.

Beach Locations

Formentera Beach Locations